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Once an applicant has successfully completed the selection process and is sworn in as a Mount Prospect Police Officer, they take the first step in a journey that will last the remainder of their careers.  The first step is to attend an accredited police training course, for a minimum of twelve weeks.  These courses cover topics such as criminal law, traffic law, defensive tactics, firearms skills, emergency vehicle operation, and scenario based training.  This provides the officer with the rudimentary skills necessary to return to the department and begin the field training program.
The Field Training and Evaluation process utilized by the Mount Prospect Police Department is based on a nationally accepted program (The Coaching Model), which is designed to assist new officers in making the transition from an academy environment to the practical policing application.
Field Training is 18 weeks long and utilizes a Daily Observation Report. The Daily Observation Report (DOR) is a performance assessment and debriefing tool that the FTO will utilize to formally record and report on-the-job performance. The Field Training and Evaluation Process utilizes ten (10) performance assessment categories to report on-the-job proficiency. New officers meet weekly with the Field Training Commander to review their performance.
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